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Sonic Pi – week 2

LO: Can I apply programming skills to coding in Sonic Pi?

I can sequence instructions in an algorithm to create sounds
I can change variables in an algorithm to make a tune more recognisable
I can use loops and repeats to make my algorithm more efficient

Last week we looked at making sounds with code using Sonic Pi. We used the ‘play’ command combined with midi note numbers to create notes and chords. As you can see on the examples below, some of us managed to combine notes to create a recognisable tune.

This week we will develop our skills by using three key concepts of programming:

– Sequencing (mild chilli challenge)
– Variables (medium chilli challenge)
– Loops (hot chilli challenge)

Sonic Pi

Year 6 have spent the first part of this term honing their programming skills using Scratch on the iMacs and the Cargo-Bot iPad app, which are both freely available if you have suitable equipment to run them. Both of these, and all the other tools I have used with them prior to this year are block based. This means the children can apply computational thinking to create programs without having to type any physical code.

This week, I have introduced Sonic Pi to bridge the gap between block based and text based programming. Sonic Pi is another free application which was initially developed for Raspberry Pis computers, but proved so successful it has also been ported to Macs and PCs. You can download it from the link on this post.

In simple terms, Sonic Pi creates music using computer code. The music can be as simple as individual notes or as complex as complete songs with multiple instruments and loops. You can either create your own music from scratch or adapt and modify other people’s projects.

We began by looking at some existing code and changing parameters to change the pitch and tempo of a beat – here is a quick video to show how this works:

The children then began to experiment with their own sounds. Here is Robert and Ayesha’s from 6C – can you recognise the tune?

Sonic Pi

We had a great time in `Code Club yesterday using Sonic Pi for the first time. Sonic Pi is a brilliant app which lets you create your own music through coding. You can either create your own code or adapt code already written. It’s great fun and teaches you some of the basic rules of coding whilst you make your music. Some people even use Sonic Pi to perform live music. Have a look at the videos below to find out more.