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How do search engines work?

Over the last few weeks, years 5 and 6 have been learning about how search engines work. Below is a quick summary of what we have covered, together with some useful links to find out more information.

How do search engines rank search results?

We took part in an unplugged activity where the children created their own plan for a website linked to their particular topic area. We then applied the criteria a search engine would use to decide which website would appear at the top of a search. We discovered that search engines look for the following, in order of importance:

1. The number of of other websites which link to yours
2. The presence of the search term in the site’s URL
3. The presence of the search term in the site’s title
4. The presence of the search term in the site’s sub headings
5. The presence of the search term in the information on the site

How do search engines find things?

We then looked at how search engines actually find their results. To do this we indexed a small part of the internet to replicate what search engine web crawlers do throughout the internet all the time.

Here’s some useful links on this:

BBC Bitesize
How stuff works
Kids discover

What makes a good search?

Finally we looked at what makes a good search by completing a crossword which required the answers to be researched – can you remember the three rules we agreed?

Your challenge…

This week, I would like you to create a presentation in Explain Everything showing me what you have learned during the last few weeks. You can work in pairs and present it however you like. Remember, you can include pictures, words, videos and embedded web pages – be as creative as you can!

Mild: Use words and pictures to describe how a search engine works

Medium: Also include audio or video to enhance your explanations

Hot: Include relevant embedded web pages to add extra information