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What are the main parts of an iPad?

Year 2 have been learning about the main parts of an iPad. We looked at the external parts and labelled them with post-it notes, deciding whether they were input or output devices. There are some examples below from both classes.

We then had a look at a picture of the inside of an iPad and labelled the main parts – the processor, memory, storage, wifi card, batteries and lens. Thanks to Simon Haughton for the resources for this part of the lesson.

The basic parts of a computer

Year 3 and 4 are learning about the basic parts of computers, and how there are different types of computers.

We will be using the learnfree.org website to learn about the different parts and then answering questions. You will be able to find the answers to all these questions on the website and on this video:

If you have time at the end of the lesson you can try the typing tutorial and the mouse tutorial.

Parts of a computer

This week, years 5 and 6 will be looking at the different parts of a computer. We will look inside old computers which we no longer use in school and identify the seven key components. The video below will help you find out what they are and their function.

Your challenge is to fill in your table with the names and functions of each part – can you…

Lemon and herb: name each component and find them on the computer in the classroom
Medium: explain what each component does
Hot: explain how the components relate to each other
Extra hot: identify any extra components which are not explained in the video