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How to comment on blog posts

Top make the most of our fantastic class blogs it is important that children comment on each other’s work. This is a skills which needs to be taught, so that children can leave comments which are respectful and constructive. I use the three rules of a good comment, which were introduced to me by Deputy Mithcell when he worked with us last year. You can see the rules on the sidebar of all of our class blogs. They are:

1. Be positive – always begin with what you like about a post.
2. Ask a question – because that will encourage people to reply to your comment.
3. Suggest an improvement – Politely, suggest how could the post be even better.

Here are links to the work I did with each class:


Welcome to Mr Hall’s Computing Blog

As you may be aware, I have a new role in school this year. I will be teaching computing throughout the whole school and developing Lowerplace as a centre for excellence for computing in primary schools. I am hugely excited about the year ahead. i can’t wait to meet lots of new children and get re-aquainted with those I have already taught in the past few years.

This is an exciting time for computing. We have a a fabulous bank of resources at Lowerplace which offers children the opportunity to experience a huge range of computing activities. We are also introducing the new Computing curriculum this year which focuses much more on how we can use and adapt technology to our advantage. By the end of the year all children will have some experience of programming and some will have developed their own games.

I will be using this blog to showcase the children’s achievements and to post my thoughts on the new curriculum and the challenges ahead. I will also offer advice and guidance on how to use technology safely. Exciting times!