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What are the main parts of an iPad?

Year 2 have been learning about the main parts of an iPad. We looked at the external parts and labelled them with post-it notes, deciding whether they were input or output devices. There are some examples below from both classes.

We then had a look at a picture of the inside of an iPad and labelled the main parts – the processor, memory, storage, wifi card, batteries and lens. Thanks to Simon Haughton for the resources for this part of the lesson.

iPad skills with year 3

3P and 3B have been learning some new skills on the iPads. We have been using the ‘Once in a Lifetime’ video (which you can see at the bottom of this post) as a prompt. The children have been taking screenshots from the film to retell the story in comic life. We focussed on the following skills:

– Finding a web page using the URL
– Taking a screenshot
– importing pictures from the camera roll in to another app

Here are some examples of their work in progress:

Once in a Lifetime from John Gulledge on Vimeo.

Computing History Timeline

1832 Difference engine designed by Charles Babbage as a mechanical calculator.
1936 Turing machine invented by Alan Turing to simulate the logic of a computer algorithm.
1943 Colossus Mark I developed by Tommy Flowers at Bletchley Park to help solve encrypted German messages in World War II.
1948 Manchester’s baby ran its first program stored electronically in its memory, becoming the first computer to run software.
1967 Computer mouse invented by Douglas Engelbart to point at items on a display.
1972 Pong arcade video game released which helped to establish the video game industry.
1975 Microsoft founded by friends Paul Allen and Bill Gates in the state of New Mexico, USA.
1976 Apple 1 personal home computer released by the Apple Computer Company, ran by friends Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs.
1981 BBC Micro released for the BBC Computer Literacy Project in schools.
1982 ZX Spectrum released by Clive Sinclair as a home computer.
1986 Nintendo Entertainment System released with different developers producing games for the console.
1989 World Wide Web invented by Sir Tim Berners-Lee, who also built the first web browser to view it.
1990 Game Boy console released which would become a very popular handheld video game device.
1994 Amazon.com launched as an online bookstore but now the world’s largest online retailer.
1995 Microsoft Windows 95 released which increased sales of home desktop computers.
1997 Google search launched for people to find web pages on the Internet.
2005 YouTube founded as an online video sharing website.
2006 Nintendo Wii console released which used a handheld motion sensor to control games.
2010 iPad launched as a touch-screen tablet computer.
2012 Raspberry Pi released as a small and cheap computer that plugs into a TV and keyboard.
2015 Apple Watch released as a wearable music player, health tracker and messanger.

This time line has been adapted from resources on simonhaughton.co.uk