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What is a computer?

This term KS1 will be looking what computers are. I will be using the excellent BBC Bitesize resources to guide children through the basics of information technology, from the main parts of a computer to how you can make art on computers.

We will begin by looking at what computers are and where we find them in our everyday lives.

If you would like to supplement your child’s learning at home, please visit the link above and have a look at the BBC Bitesize website for yourself.


photo credit: binary-code.jpg via photopin (license)

Computer networks and the internet

This term, years 3 and 4 will be learning about how computers are connected together, either on networks or more widely on the internet. We will be looking at different ways to access the internet and find web pages.

To begin with, I would like you to complete the form below to tell me what you already know about the internet. If you need some help try searching on either the Safe Search Kids or Kidrex search engines.