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Year 5’s Indus valley settlement plans

Following on from last week’s research projects, year 5 have been planning the Indus Valley settlements they will be building in Minecraft. We discussed features we would expect to see in a settlement and then as a group completed large scale plans.

Can you see the following features in their plans?
– houses
– streets
– a temple
– a public bath
– walls
– a sanitation system
– a well
– the river
– farmland

5L’s plan

5D’s plan

Indus Valley Minecraft challenge

Year 5’s new topic is the Indus Valley civilization. To help bring the topic alive the children will be building their own version of an Indus Valley settlement in Minecraft. This will enable them to really immerse themselves into the topic and understand how settlements developed, why they were built as they were and what life might have been like in an Indus Valley settlement.

For the first lesson we have been using the iPads to research features of Indus Valley civilizations. In particular we have looked at:
– Physical features of the Indus Valley
– Indus Valley houses, including construction materials and design
– How food was cultivated in Indus Valley settlements
– Sanitation
– Other buildings found in Indus Valley settlements

Here are some examples of the research conducted by the children: