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Erase All Kittens

4L have been using the brilliant Erase All Kittens (EAK) website to gain their first experiences of text based coding. As well as being great fun, EAK helps children learn that there is code behind everything you see on a computer, and that once you decompose it, it’s not that complicated. if you have a PC, Mac or a similar laptop you can try it for yourself by clicking on the link in this post.

Erase all kittens (and learn to code)

Year 6 are moving on from scratch to coding using HTML (Hyper text markup language). This is the code that lies behind websites and is a great way to learn some of the key concepts of coding.

There is a fantastic game called Erase all kittens which introduces children to HTML by encouraging them to edit the html code of a game to make it more playable. In playing this game children learn about html tags, headings and more.

Another great website is the Barclays Code Playground. This is a bit less complicated than Erase all kittens, but does teach children how changing variables changes the way a computer program behaves.