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Predicting and testing with Blue-Bot

Year 2 have been learning how to predict and test using the Blue-Bot app. They were set a series of challenges to move the Blue-Bot from one location to another. Before they used the app they had to predict, on paper which instructions would be successful. Once they had made their predictions they tested them using the app. In a different colour pencil they debugged their instructions, showing qualities of determination and resilience.

The Three Little Pigs in Scratch Jr

For the last couple of weeks, year 2 have been developing their skills in Scratch Jr. They have been working towards retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs (which they have been reading in English) by coding it in Scratch. You can see form the videos below that the children tackled the task in different ways and reached different stages, however, they all used planning, coding and problem solving skills to complete their projects.

Today, we focussed on debugging to correct errors in our programs.

Here are some examples of their work:

Yusuf and Harry (2E)

Leo and Fatima (2E)

Kienna and Redwan (2R)

Bethany and Esa (2R)

Can you fix this project?

Having designed and tested their own maze games, 4L will now look at another version of the Maze game, but with a twist. This is a remix of a working version, but I have removed or changed some of the blocks so it no longer works. Their task will be to fix it!

Here is the remixed version:

And here is a link to the remix project: