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Cargo Bot with year 6

Year 6 have also been developing their problem solving skills after creating some fantastic times tables games in Scratch. They have been using the CargoBot app, which really tests their ability to think through solutions to complex problems using logical thinking.

Despite not having used this or any similar app before, the children were willing accept and learn from their mistakes and improve their skills. The sound around the room progressed from initial groans as solutions did not work, to moments of elation as breakthroughs were made. It’s great that the children have the determination to keep going – this will serve the well not just in computing, but across the rest of the curriculum too.

As with most of the apps and websites I use, Cargo-Bot is free and available now to download from the App Store for IOS devices or from Google Play for Android devices. Please download it if you can and play the game with your child, you will see that it’s addictive and frustrating in equal measure!

Here is a link to a video of Cameron’s optimum solution to one of the trickier levels and pictures of the children attempting some of the other levels.


img_2470.jpg img_2469.jpg img_2468.jpg img_2471.jpg

Introducing coding to year 3 and 4

We have been using 3 fantastic apps to introduce coding to years 3 and 4.

We began with simple forward and turn commands using Bee-Bot.


We then introduced more commands and processes using Lightbot – Hour of Coding.


Finally, some children moved on to Cargo-Bot, which uses multiple processes and loops.


All these apps are available through the App Store and are either free or less than a pound. You can also get Bee-Bot and Lightbot on Android devices. The children love these games and are learning the core principles of coding so please give them a try!