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Book Creator – Week 3

LO: Can I add researched information to my e-book?

As we are now into the third week of our Book Creator projects, we will be looking at new ways improve the content of our books. You need to start thinking about where you can find more detailed information, and how you can present that as your own work.

I would like you to think about the following ways you can add information and media to your book:

Mild challenge – Include further creative commons, copyright free pictures – which site will you use for this?

Medium challenge – Research using a safe search method, make sure you validate any information you find.

Hot challenge – App smash – this means using one or more other apps to create content which can be imported into your book. Which apps on your iPad could you use to achieve this?

Using Book Creator at home

Here are some links to help you find Book Creator for devices at home. There are two versions on IOS for Apple devices – the free version which only lets you create one book and the full version which is unlimited. I can only find a full version for Android, though it is considerably cheaper than the IOS version, and there is also a free version for Windows PCs.

Book Creator Free – IOS
Book Creator full version – IOS – £4.99
Book Creator for Android full version – £1.50
Book Creator Free – Windows (for PCs)

Book Creator

This term children throughout the school will be using the brilliant Book Creator app to create their own books, linked to their topics.

We will begin by looking at the format of books, both physical and electronic and planning out what we can include in our books.

Nearly all books contain images. It’s really important that any images we use in our books are suitable for children and don’t belong to someone else. The technical term for this is that they are copyright free. To ensure the images we use are appropriate, we will be getting them from the photosforclass.com website.

Please look out for our finished books, we will be publishing them on our blogs later this term.