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RUSC Teachmeet – Get Blogging!

Here are some blogs for you to check out:

Lowerplace Blogs for learning:
Class 1A – lots of great evidence
Class 1b – use of pages to present information clearly
Class 2c – year 2 children blogging!
Class 5A – High quality writing from year 5

Lowerplace Curriculum blogs

Information Blogs
Office blog

Blogs for reflection and professional development
Primary Computing Blog by Mr Hall
Primarylowedown by Mr Lowe

Using blogs for collaboration
Codeclusters – a collaborative coding project currently launching in Rochdale.

If you would like to set up your own school blog, all of the Lowerplace blogs and codeclusters are WordPress blogs hosted by Creative Blogs.

Blog Walk

Have a look at these fantastic blogs, and think about how you could incorporate some of their ideas into your blog:

St Jospeh’s, Derby year 5/6
Year 5, St Joseph’s, Derby
Year 2, Ridgeway Primary School
1a, Lowerplace
5a, Lowerplace
Falcon Class blog, Manor Primary School

On the form below, think about how you could incorporate blogging into your next unit or topic:

Finally, we will use Kahoot to do a quick assessment of today’s session and what you would like to cover in the future. all you need to do is go to kahoot.it on your iPad and make sure you can see the big screen.

How to comment on blog posts

Top make the most of our fantastic class blogs it is important that children comment on each other’s work. This is a skills which needs to be taught, so that children can leave comments which are respectful and constructive. I use the three rules of a good comment, which were introduced to me by Deputy Mithcell when he worked with us last year. You can see the rules on the sidebar of all of our class blogs. They are:

1. Be positive – always begin with what you like about a post.
2. Ask a question – because that will encourage people to reply to your comment.
3. Suggest an improvement – Politely, suggest how could the post be even better.

Here are links to the work I did with each class:


How to leave a good comment

Today, Year 1 and Year 2 will be learning how to write good comments on blog posts. We will be looking at the three rules:

1. Be positive – always begin with what you like about a post.
2. Ask a question – because that will encourage people to reply to your comment.
3. Suggest an improvement – Politely, suggest how could the post be even better or what could the poster do next?

We will begin by practising comments on whiteboards, before moving on to leaving comments on class blogs.

Blogging tips

Here are some examples of how I have used blogging as a class teacher:

Unprompted writing – Roses are red story by Rhys (year 4)
Using Padlet for AFL
Inspirational feedback
Using Quadblogging to find a global audience

Reaching a wider audience (look at comment #5)

Reaching a wider audience (look at the final comment)
100 Word Challenge / 5 sentence challenge

Here are some other examples of great blogs:

http://4a2013.lowerplace.net – My 2013 class blog – voted one of the top 100 educational blogs in the UK
http://sandwich.heathfieldcps.net – The Heathfield Primary sandwich blog
http://y1.highlawnprimary.net – a great KS1 blog
http://6cj.laytonblogs.net/our-own-blogs/ – individual blog for every child
http://changinghorizons.net/2014/04/expedition-everest-thematic-learning/ – Expedition Everest – a fantastic blog based writing project
Useful Twitter accounts:

@deputymitchell – blogging expert and pioneer
@piecorbett – author and literacy guru
@alanpeat – author and educational consultant, specialising in writing
@tompalmerauthor – children’s author (football based, great for engaging boys)
@HGjohn – blogsite provider
@multimartin @Claire_N_Jones @Cherise_Duxbury @StephenConnor7 – all enthusiastic class bloggers
@ICT_mrp ICT guru, iPad expert

Also look for anyone who may be relevant to whatever topic you are looking at. In the last couple of years we have interacted with Jamie Oliver, David Walliams, Gregg Wallace (Masterchef), Virgin Galactic, Tesco, M&S to name but a few. You will be amazed at how many people are willing to spare time to look at and comment on your children’s work.

How to add your own posts

Here are step by step instructions to help you login:

1. Go to your class blog
2. Scroll down to ‘log in’ and click on it
3. On the first login screen type in your the username and password
4. You will now see your login screen, type in your username and password (remember, your password starts with a capital letter)
5. You will now see the easyblogging screen

And how to add a post:

1. To add a post click on ‘New Post’
2. Give your post a title
3. Type your post
4. Add your tags, including what your post is about and your username
5. Click ‘submit for review’ if you are happy with it, or save draft of you want to come back to it later.

Your post will now appear in a queue for your teacher to approve.

e-Safety at Lowerplace

Live Blog e-Safety discussion

Computing stars of the week

This week I have chosen four computing stars – two from KS1 and two from KS2.

In KS1 I have chosen Adam from 1B for beautiful speaking when we were discussing how technology helps us, and Kale for reading the word technology without any help.

In KS2 I have chosen Tia and Tyesha who worked brilliantly together to produce this blog post which has been commented on by Deputy Mitchell.

Well done to all of our stars, it’s been a great week for computing and blogging at Lowerplace!