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2 player pong games

Year 5 – you will be completing your two player Pong game projects this afternoon. Here are a couple of examples of Pong games. Which elements work well, and which could be improved. Have a look at the inside of these games and see if you can apply some of the ideas to your projects.

Press space to start.

arrow keys and A + D

Player 1 keys (left side):
W – up
S – down

Player 2 keys (right side)
Up arrow – up
Down arrow – down

Using ‘if/then’ statements in Scratch

Years 3 and 4 will be creating their own games in Scratch this week. Building on the directional and movement blocks we have used in the last couple of weeks, they will now be adding if/then statements to make a sprite behave differently according to where it is on the screen. The end result will be something like this:

I will be posting the end products on the class blogs.


A double booking of iPads led to a late change of plan for my lessons with year 1 and 2 today. Code.org is a fantastic site which aims to encourage children to take up and learn coding. There are loads of fantastic activities for children of all ages to try out. You can even create your own flappy bird game. You can access all the activities from http://studio.code.org

Please try them out and find out how easy it is to pick up the basics of coding!

Year 6 coding questions

I’ve been meaning to post this for ages – these are the questions year 6 would like answered about coding:

How long does it take to code a game like FIFA 15?

Who invented coding? What was their inspiration?

What type of game could game could I make?

What will coding be like in the future?

What else can be coded other than apps and games?

How was coding invented?

How many things do we use that are coded?

Why do we need coding?

What is linked to coding?

Who uses coding?

What kind of codes are there e.g html?

Why do we need coding? Do we need coding?

How does coding help us?

How has coding changed the world?

Is coding useful?

Is coding the same as programming?

When was it incvented?

Who invented coding? How was it invented?

We will return to this post at the end of the Spring term to see how many we have answered.