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Women in STEM – learning log ideas

This week many of the children’s learning logs are themed around Ada Lovelace Day, and the contribution of women to science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM).

Here are some significant women in STEM you could research:

Ada Lovelace – computing pioneer & mathematician
Katherine Johnson – NASA space scientist
Roberta Bondar – Astronaut and neurologist
Grace Hopper – Computer scientist and Rear Admiral

Would you like to be involved in science technology, engineering or maths when you’re older? Here are some exciting STEM related careers:

– Computer scientist
– Engineer (including Formula 1!)
– Astronaut
– Doctor

And there are many more! Here’s a link to where STEM can take you.

Ava Lovelace day

Today is a very special day for computing, but not just computing…

Every year, on the second Tuesday in October, Ada Lovelace Day (ALD) is an international celebration day of the achievements of women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). It aims to increase the profile of women in STEM and, in doing so, create new role models who will encourage more girls into STEM careers and support women already working in STEM.

Here are some links where you can find out more about Ada Lovelace Day and Ada herself.

Ada Lovelace Day
Ada Lovelace biography
Ada Lovelace National Geographic page
Not your typical role model – BBC

Can you leave a comment below with something you have learned, or something you would like to know about Ada?