Introducing Scratch to year 3

LO: Can I tinker with Scratch projects?

After last week’s visit from the Sandwich Bot, class 3B are using Scratch for the first time this afternoon.

After an introduction to the Scratch we interface, we will start by looking at four Scratch projects aimed at those just starting on their Scratch journey. To begin with we will ‘tinker’ with these projects. For those new to the word, tinker means to mend or change something by playing and experimenting. This is a great way to start with Scratch, as all projects are completely open source and can be changed by anyone.

Below are links to four projects – start by reading the instructions for each project and see if you can work out what they do.

Dance Party
Paint with Gobo
Maze starter

Then try the following challenges:
– Click on ‘see inside’, what happens if you change some of the blocks?
– Can you make the project do something different?
– Can you add something new to the project?

One thought on “Introducing Scratch to year 3

  1. Dave Sturdy

    Hi Ben,

    My name is Dave, I’m a Maths and Computing teacher who, in conjunction with Tech Camp Ltd, has created an educational robotics kit called Invent!. It uses a crumble microcontroller which I noticed you briefly mentioned a few months back on one of your blogs. We’ve designed an affordable kit aimed at late primary that comes free with up to 40 hrs of curriculum material. Check out the website at and if you’d like to find out more or get your hands on a sample kit let me know. Kind regards


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