Can I add variables to a game in Scratch?

Last week we decomposed Scratch projects to find and fix errors in their code. This week we will focus on one particular project – Pong. The objective is to improve Pong by adding in a scoring system, and for some of you adding in a timer to limit the length of each game.

Decompose the game on your sheet in as much detail as you can.

To begin with you will need to plan exactly what you want your scoring system to do – think about these questions:
– How will you score points?
– How much will the score change by?
– When will the score need to change?

Pong game without scoring

Here are your challenges:

Mild – Add variables ‘score’ and ‘time’ to a game

Medium – improve the game by introducing a score which increases as you play and resets at the beginning of each game

Hot – Add a countdown timer to your game

Extra Hot – End your game when the timer counts down to zero

On your prompt sheets are some of the blocks you will need, and some that you won’t…

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