What is the World Wide Web?

Have a look at the links below to research the development of the World Wide Web.

Extension: Compose your a post for your class bog expanding on one of the questions below.

BBC Bitesize – What is the World Wide Web?
History of the Web – World Wide Web Foundation
Explain that stuff – how the World Wide Web Works

Now complete the questions below.

5 thoughts on “What is the World Wide Web?

  1. 18fatimac

    It’s really fun learning about the World Wide Web because we all thought it was the internet,but it’s not .

    1. bhall Post author

      Thanks for the comment Fatima, can you explain the difference between the internet and the world wide web?

  2. 18mollyg

    This survey was very interesting because I Lents a lot of things. Why was the internet created and then by a different person the www created? Next time when you do this lesson again could you make the survey a little bit longer and add more questions such as who created the internet?


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