Sonic Pi – week 2

LO: Can I apply programming skills to coding in Sonic Pi?

I can sequence instructions in an algorithm to create sounds
I can change variables in an algorithm to make a tune more recognisable
I can use loops and repeats to make my algorithm more efficient

Last week we looked at making sounds with code using Sonic Pi. We used the ‘play’ command combined with midi note numbers to create notes and chords. As you can see on the examples below, some of us managed to combine notes to create a recognisable tune.

This week we will develop our skills by using three key concepts of programming:

– Sequencing (mild chilli challenge)
– Variables (medium chilli challenge)
– Loops (hot chilli challenge)

One thought on “Sonic Pi – week 2

  1. Sam Aaron

    I love the sound of the hot chilli challenge! Would a crazy bassline be accepted?

    Hope everyone is having fun learning how to live code music with Sonic Pi. Do let me have any feedback – it’s incredibly useful to help further developments!


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