What’s been happening at Lowerplace?

In reception, class Ra were disappointed that their trip to Smithill’s Farm was cancelled due to the show, but enjoyed being read to by Mr Lowe on World Book Day. Class Rb have been enjoying watching their chicks hatch, and continuing on that theme produced some fantastic Little Red Hen learning logs.

In KS1 , 1a enjoyed a Mad Tea Party and 1b have been making their own weather forecasts. 2a, 2b and 2c posted some great book reviews on World Book day.

KS2 were busy too. Some of the adults in 3a found some unusual places to read. Class 3b held their own class election, and 3c were challenged to write a nonsense poem with all their spellings in. 4a have been playing SPaG games, 4b’s newsletter is online and 4c found out Mrs Hardman’s favourite bedtime story.

Year 5 were using similes for description, 5b have their very own Karate master, whilst 6a and 6b have been describing how they will play their part in a better internet.

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