Parts of a computer

This week, years 5 and 6 will be looking at the different parts of a computer. We will look inside old computers which we no longer use in school and identify the seven key components. The video below will help you find out what they are and their function.

Your challenge is to fill in your table with the names and functions of each part – can you…

Lemon and herb: name each component and find them on the computer in the classroom
Medium: explain what each component does
Hot: explain how the components relate to each other
Extra hot: identify any extra components which are not explained in the video

27 thoughts on “Parts of a computer

  1. 17abbiew

    The Hard Disk holds the information even when the powers off. It saves all the data on the computer! We have lernt some things what are inside of the computer! I hope you will to.

  2. 17hasani

    I have learnt the 7 main parts of a desktop and I now know what each an one them do.One of the main parts of the desktop is the motherboard, the role of a motherboard is a disk which is connected by everything in the desktop in a way.

  3. Casey, yousuf, Kashmir

    We have learnt a lot of new facts about particles in a computer this activity was fun and we all loved it.

  4. Philip

    I learnt the diferents parts of a computer and their functions such as the motherboard which is the heart of the computer.

  5. oliwia

    ,I have learnt more about the CPU I already knew about the mother board,ram,video card,power supply,hard disc and the optical drive since my dad has lots at home and is working on creating a new PC for education and for keeping children safe online.

  6. Hafsah

    What do you think is the most important part of a computer??????

    I think that the most important part of a computer is the hard disk because it holds all private information and keeps it safe.It also holds the information when the power is not on.So that’s
    why I think it is more important and how it is no match for the rest.

  7. Azkaa

    I learnt a lot of new things in today’s lesson. I didn’t know that there was such a thing called an Optical Drive. But I learnt that it is to hold your CDs and DVDs.

  8. Lauren and Duha

    The most important thing of the computer is the mother board because it is the heart of the computer and it sends lots of things around the computer. From Duha and Lauren

  9. Lauren and Duha

    We have learnt seven main parts of the computer one is the mother board and cpu,ram,video card, power supply, hard disk and the optical drive

  10. Diogo

    We think that the motherboard is the most important to help the computer turn on and help other parts of the computer.


  11. Subhan

    I think the motherboard and the power supply are the most important thing for the computer because the motherboard is the heart of the computer and the power switch is what turns the computer on

  12. Anjum

    I think the mother board is the most important part because every other part has to have access to it in order to work.

  13. Lukiese

    The hard disk and cpu are the parts of computer then it will be in inside.when the cpu was in the middle of the hard disk for the brain. What will the cpu and hard disk could made up in contact within sentries . The hard disk use itself in space feel very for connection check it out and find the perfect way to support.

  14. Iqra

    I think the motherboard is the most important because that is the board that all of the parts have to connect to and without it nothing would work.


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